Key Information

The Calder And Colne Rivers Trust Ltd is a company limited by guarantee (Company No. 06822083) and registered charity (Charity No. 1134377).

We operate under our brand name ‘Calder Rivers Trust‘.

Our Registered Office is: 16 Oak Tree Meadow, Walton, Wakefield, WF2 6TF

We are affiliated with The Rivers Trust the umbrella body of the rivers trust movement, working to protect, promote and enhance our freshwater ecosystems for both people and wildlife.

We operate across Calderdale, Kirklees, and Wakefield.

The Calder catchment includes the main rivers Calder, Colne, and Holme. And all the rivers, streams, canals, waterways, and watercourses connected to them. We work across all these waters within our catchment.

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