Floating Pennywort Forum

The Yorkshire Floating Pennywort Forum is a partnership project looking at the monitoring and control of the the invasive non-native species Floating Pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides). Calder Rivers Trust works with the Environment Agency to host the project across the Aire & Calder, and Don & Rother river catchments.

GB NNSS Fact Sheet – Floating Pennywort

If left untreated Floating Pennywort can completely smother rivers and waterways with dense blanket of vegetation, which can have serious consequences on wildlife and and navigation. In extreme cases the build up of dense stands of vegetation around weirs, barriers, and trash screens can contribute to localised flooding problems.

The project aims to keep a close eye on the problem through surveying and monitoring the spread of the species, and carrying out removal and treatment where necessary. This will help the the rivers move towards being more healthy for all wildlife, and can continue to be enjoyed for leisure and recreation.

You can see our latest information on the spread of this species in the map below. If you know of any place not listed where you’ve seen it you can make a report to us using our River Report Tool

Latest Floating Pennywort Information:

You can also get in touch with us for more information about Floating Pennywort, or to report locations using our Contact page, or email talk@calderandcolneriverstrust.org and mark your email for the attention of the Project Manager of the Floating Pennywort Project.

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