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Volunteering on the River Health Project

You can now volunteer with us an become a River Health Monitor.

Just head over to our Volunteering Pages where you can register to become part of the team.

You can also keep an eye on the Events Pages for the latest River Health Project gatherings and events!

Training & Equipment

When you first start out you may just like to link up with our existing network of volunteer citizen scientists monitors and work with and shadow them for a while. Eventually though, to fully take part in the River Health Project you may choose to undertake some training with us. We provide you with all the equipment you will need.

We offer three modes of training to River Fly standards:

One Day Training

A one day course, which is suitable for projects where a number of volunteers need training at the same time and on specific water bodies.

Flexible Training

A flexible mode where individuals shadow experienced monitors and are then assessed on the water body where they will be monitoring.

River Fly Plus

We also offer an advanced course where monitors are shown how to identify and classify a wider range of invertebrate species, plus classifying within an invertebrate group. For example, in the basic sample, only one of each species is counted but in River Fly Plus there are two caseless caddis, three cased caddis and three stonefly to be differentiated. This extended monitoring is particularly useful where there is mine water pollution or low water flow.

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