River Report

River Report is our tool to allow members of the public to submit information about issues seen within and around the river.

By submitting reports of problems you’ve seen, you can help us build up a picture of issues facing our rivers, streams, and waterways. We can then help to spot themes and take action – including working with local councils and government to make changes to improve things.

Through the River Report tool you can report information to us relating to these topics:

Issues & Problems:

Suspected Pollution Incidents

Flooding Issues

Sightings of Dead Fish

Sightings of Distressed Wildlife

Fly Tipping




General Damage

Habitat Destruction

Suspected Wildlife Crime

Note: for emergencies always contact the appropriate emergency service or government agency!

The Good Things:

Something Worth Protecting

Project Idea

Fishing Spot

Wildlife Spot

Beautiful View

Community Activity

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